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We are Neus and Anna. Our story is full of coincidences, illusion and creativity. United not only for being sisters, but because in 2015 we became pregnant at the same time and motherhood made us enterprising when we created Baby on earth.

It was with motherhood that we discovered a new world full of words we did not know: babywearing, stretchy baby wraps, baby carriers, breastfeeding necklace, teething… Our curiosity woke up and led us to find and choose the best for our kids.

We looked for products that made us feel comfortable, that made our motherhood easier and that did not change our style. However, most of them were found beyond our borders. That is why we decided to create Baby on earth: a brand of products for the wellbeing of the baby for mothers and fathers with style, designed in Barcelona with the best materials in order to live a unique connection experience.

Baby on earth is celebrating the arrival of your baby’s life, it is wanting to enjoy those moments of union, that smell, those little hands. To be close to kiss, listen to their giggles and feed him with love. Naturally together!

Discover our stretchy baby wraps made & designed in Barcelona with organic cotton GOTS, with a minimalist style with which you will enjoy that connection. In addition our line of silicone breastfeeding necklaces perfect for teething will give that elegant & stylish touch, so that together you can enjoy moments like feeding and playing.

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Neus & Anna

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