SLATE BAMBOO baby wrap

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SLATE BAMBOO baby wrap

SLATE BAMBOO baby wrap is perfect for newborns, for the first months. It is very warm, stretchy and light, and for this reason we recommend it for the first months.

We are not deceiving you if we tell you that it is so beautiful that you will want to have another baby to babywear it! It weighs nothing, super light, extra soft, and with a design for moms and dads with style, who want to feel a unique experience with their baby and at the same time look good. It has a beautiful gray color, very easy to combine and with a nordic touch that characterizes us, like the rest of the stretchy baby wraps from our collection.

If it’s your first time with babywearing, perfect!, because this baby wrap is ideal to start carrying for the first months of your baby’s life. Stretchy baby wraps are highly recommended for newborns because they allow them to be attached to you and with a very ergonomic position that reminds the same when it was inside you.

There are two ideal knots to carry your baby: the pre-knotted knot and the wrapped cross knot. Both we explain them to you in detail and with a videoturial in our section of Baby wrap tutorials.

Bamboo advantages

Bamboo is a high quality material and highly appreciated for its qualities.

  1. Bamboo is  thermoregulatory: this means that you can wear the baby wrap at any time of the year, summer or winter. When it is hotter, it is cool and pleasant, it keeps the baby dry. On the other hand, in winter, it prevents the cold from penetrating inside and maintains the baby’s body heat. It is a breathable fabric. UV filter.
  2. Bamboo weave is very soft. For this reason it is perfect to carry any newborn. If stretchy baby wraps in general are already ideal baby carriers to carry babies from birth, bamboo would be the first in line.
  3. Bamboo is suitable for sensitive skin. The bamboo fabrics do not irritate, they are very pleasant and loving, totally suitable for sensitive and delicate skin such as that of newborns. Its natural bacterial action eliminates bad odors. It is 100% biodegradable.

Baby wrap composition and measures

This baby wrap is made with bamboo (94%) and a small percentage of elastane (6%) which makes it more comfortable for you and your baby. Ideal from birth and for the first months.

It measures 4,5 meters, a unique size that allows anyone to adjust it well. It can hold an approximate weight of 9 or 10 kg, depending on the knot and as long as it is comfortable for who is carrying and for the baby.

It is designed and made in Barcelona.

Safety recommendations

Carrying is easy, just follow the instructions that allow you to carry safely and ergonomically. Follow our babywearing tips when it comes to putting on and carrying your baby. We remind you the most basic ones:

  • Your baby should be close enough to kiss.
  • Must be in frog position or M, with his knees above the little bottom.
  • Never cover his face with the baby wrap: airways (mouth and nose) should be free.
  • Do not put it face to your chest, but to the side, so your baby can breathe well.

Enjoy this design baby wrap in a natural way with your baby: join the community #naturallytogether!

It is a product recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)

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